Aviation Services

Seraph Aviation Group is a leading provider of aircraft management services. Through our aviation services team, we offer a broad range of aircraft and lease management services to customers in the airline, manufacturing and finance sectors.

What we do


Develop Investment Strategies

Work closely with our customers to ensure we develop specific tailor-made investment strategies for them. The choice of target asset types and vintages, lessee profiles and regional diversification allow for a wide range of risk and return profiles to be addressed in target portfolios.


Sourcing & Origination

Our team leverages its deep relationships with airlines, lessors, OEM’s and financial institutions to source excellent asset opportunities for our customers. Seraph Aviation Group has full in-house capability for sourcing assets. This includes negotiation of best price, performing full technical due diligence, full assessment of maintenance condition, lessee and asset risk evaluation and finally taking delivery of the asset.



Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals provide our capital partners, third-party investors and its asset servicing clients a comprehensive set of asset and lease management solutions designed to protect owners' asset values and maximize returns, including:

  • Aircraft Technical Management
  • Contract Management
  • Legal Services
  • Risk Management & Credit Analysis
  • Aircraft Modification Support
  • Investor Reporting


We manage all aspects of repossession from the physical aircraft and records, aircraft movement, parking and storage to legal and registration including, ownership entity changes where necessary and preparation for follow on leasing and /or sale, all driven by our ultimate goal of protecting your asset value.



When the time comes, we apply a flexible approach to sell/arbitrage assets between financial and metal buyers, putting careful attention on lease cash retention and sale proceeds cycles for our clients. Seraph Aviation Group has considerable experience in trading aircraft in the secondary market.

Our Fleet

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